Summer activities

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Cityguiding Our experienced guides will tell You all You need to know about Mo I Rana. It’s inhabitants, it’s past, the commerce. It’s all exciting! From the earliest settlements to modern community. We will let You have a better understanding of why the surroundings are the way they are and about events that happened as they did. Join us on an exciting trip through Mo I Rana. Learn about our diverse history and how it is to live at 66 °. The tour takes approx. 1 hour. The guiding is normally carried out in Norwegian, but preferably in English if needed.The tour can be booked all year, but from June until August at 7 PM, we stand ready to welcome you in the town center.

Guided tour to the GlacierSvartisen – guided tour to the Glacier. This guided tour will take 5 hours, and include the boat-trip across Svartisvatnet. When you reach the open shelter close to the glacier, you will be served a simple lunch. The guides will tell you all you ever want to know about the glacier, the area and the people connected to it.

Glacier hike Svartisen – Glacier hiking. We meet at Svartiskiosken at Svartisvatnet. Equipment is adapted, and we check everything before we take the boat across the lake. Then we walk approx. 3 km to get to Austerdalsisen, where we go through how we move on the glacier and where to go. We put on equipment and put our teachings into practice. We have everything you need with equipment that makes it safe and secure to move on the glacier.

Guided tour to Rabot cabinOur guide take you up to experience Rabothytta, which is named in honour of Charles Rabot, a French glaciologist, ethnographer and explorer who was passionate about the Arctic landscape and its peoples. Rabot was particularly fond of Helgeland, and especially the Okstindan mountains. Rabothytta cabin has a striking design, robust and simple, by architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs. Their plans for the cabin are currently honoured by a display in La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris. The DNT cabin Rabothytta is dramatically situated at 1200 metres altitude, on the very edge of the Okstindbreen glacier. The cabin enjoys a stunning view of the glacier, as well as the Okstindan mountain range and its ruling summit Oksskolten, the highest mountain in Northern Norway.

Guided tour to TjuvtrappaHike to “Tjuvtrappa” (the “thief-stairs). We will take you on a guided hike to one of the highest points in Mo I Rana to have a view over the city and its surroundings. It is a hike that takes you up an old trail known as “Tjuvtrappa”. As we hike up to about 400 m.a.s. we will tell you the story of this trail. When we are coming to the top of the “roof” of Mo I Rana, you will have an awesome view over the city.

Guided tour to AppelsinhaugenHike to “Appelsinhaugen” (“Orange hill”). We will take you on a guided hike to have a view over the city and its surroundings. It is a hike that takes you up to a viewpoint known as “Appelsinhaugen” (“Orange Hill”). As we hike up to about 170 m.a.s. we will tell you the story of this trail and the city. When we are coming to the top of the “roof” of Mo I Rana, you will have an awesome view over the city.The hike takes about 3 hours both ways, and we can either pick you up at your hotel, or we can meet at the starting point. Map will be provided for you at your hotel.

Guided tour to Marble castleThe marble castle has emerged where loose rock masses such as lime, have been washed out in the river for thousands of years. Over the years, the water has formed several caves, potholes and formations in the rock – and made the area a fairytale landscape. If you are bold enough, you can sit down on a “stone horse”,  that goes over the river, and have the river shower right below you. We pick you up at the hotel. Time use: About 2,5 hours from the hotel and back. Remember good shoes and camera.

Fishing with a guide We collect You at Your hotel, and take You to a inland lake, where You can maybe catch a trout or a char. We serve You local snack and beer by a fire. If You don’t have fishing gear, You can use ours, and of course we have bait. We start from Mo I Rana about 8:30 pm, and expect to be back about 11:30 pm. We will check the weather in forehand, and if the weather is nice, we go.

Fishing for salmon in Drevja riverFishing salmon in the lower part of Drevja river. Here you can fish with fly, and a local guide helps you find the best time and place to catch this fish. You can bring your RV, camper, tent, or you can stay at the big cabin on site, and you are welcome to an exciting day fishing for salmon. When outdoor, the guide will make you a simple meal that you can enjoy close to the river.