Guided tour to Marble castle

Just north of Mo i Rana you will discover Marmorslottet (The Marble Castle), a castle that has been naturally formed over a period of thousands of years. The marble castle has emerged where loose rock masses such as lime, have been washed out in the river for thousands of years. Over the years, the water has formed several caves, potholes and formations in the rock – and made the area a fairytale landscape. If you are bold enough, you can sit down on a “stone horse”,  that goes over the river, and have the river shower right below you.

The best time to visit the marble castle is in the fall when the water level is not so high. At this time, you can take the time to walk down the potholes, walk through a pot and over the river. You also eventually come to a cave and will see incredibly nice rock formations. Here you walk between the rocks on flat marble / stone surfaces with pins under which the river has dug out.

We pick you up at the hotel. Time use: About 2,5 hours from the hotel and back.

Remember good shoes and camera.