Winter taste of Helgeland

Long weekend in Mo I Rana. 4 days experience, including 3 nights, tastings and a visit to Grønligrotta. From NOK 8 995, – pr. person

The smoke seeps out through the top of the lavvo. From inside, the rune boom and the Sami’s traditional song – the joik – can be heard. The aroma of traditional food seeps out and mixes with the campfire smoke. The snow creaks loudly as you move towards the opening.

On this trip you will see the clear winter light, taste traditional Sami food, go sledding and enjoy many of the local dishes Helgeland has to offer – even inside a cave!

How about a long weekend in wintery Mo I Rana?

Experience up close the Sami culture and food, the fantastic flavors that Helgeland offers, and end it all with products from Helgeland inside Grønligrotta, Northern Europe’s only illuminated marble cave!

Long, bright summer nights, crackling northern lights in cold, starry nights, the proximity to nature and mountains and sea; We believe that all of this helps to create the diversity of flavors Helgeland has to offer.

Helgeland has many local food producers and we who live here feel lucky, we live in the middle of the plate. Everything from birds to game from forests and mountains to the freshest seafood from the sea. This weekend you are welcome to join 3 different taste experiences. This package is packed with the taste of Helgeland!

– Thursday night we meet at Scandic Meyergården, where you will spend the night, where our Helgeland chef dishes up Tapas made from ingredients from the area. The flavors revolve mainly around food from the sea and the lakes.

– On Friday you have the whole morning to yourself. In the afternoon, the trip goes to Hemnesberget, where you get a meeting with the Sami culture that has been so important for the development of Helgeland. The culture and traditions are maintained to this day. We go to the Lavvo where the evening’s tastes and stories are dedicated to the Sami culture.

– Saturday is the day for a long and good breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning there is transport to Grønligrotta, Northern Europe’s only illuminated marble cave! It is something very special to walk from the clear winter light and into the dark mountains. Reindeer, deer, bubbles and aquavit – flavors that complement each other are in focus this morning. And since it is always a pleasure to combine outdoor play with taste experiences, there will be speed on the sledges down the hill on the way home. There are snowracers that you can use, and you must wear a helmet and goggles before starting.

– Sunday is the day of return home. Before you go, feel free to book a city walk or visit Rana museum or Vitensenter Nordland.

We do not think there are better places to create memories for themselves, a couple of friends or a group of friends, than at winterly Helgeland. Here we have plenty of space and we look forward to giving you the winter taste of Helgeland!

What is included in the price?

Accommodation in single / double rooms, Breakfast, Helgelandstapas, Transport Friday and Saturday, Sami food and culture (no drinks), Visit to Grønligrotta, Use of snowracers, helmet and goggles, Banquet Saturday (no drinks).

Share the good memories with your group of friends, girlfriend or good work colleagues.

In the heart of the fjord of Rana are Hemnesberget and Mo I Rana. For several hundred years, the Sami culture has been important for the development of this area, both in terms of society and culture. The use of the natural ingredients in the food also has a background in the Sami culture.

Take a break from everyday life and experience “Guovssahas”, the northern lights, as it is called in Sami. This means the audible light. Many Sami people believe that they can hear crackling from the northern lights.

Helgeland has a fantastic production of food and drink. We want to share the taste experiences with you, and offer the products in fantastic surroundings, both in the oldest part of the hotel and inside Grønligrotta. We appeal a little to the child in you and end the visit to the cave with a ride on snowracers down the slopes to the main road. We put on helmet and goggles to make the descent as safe as possible.

The visit officially ends on Saturday night with a 3-course gala dinner, where Svein Jæger Hansen, head chef at the hotel, has composed a fantastic taste experience and end to the stay.

Should you wish, you can also visit Rana Museum, Moment, Vitensenteret Nordland or join a city walk that tells the story of the city and the area you are in.