Northern Light safari – taste of local food

Long weekend in Mo I Rana. 3 days experience, including 2 nights, tastings and a visit to Grønligrotta. From NOK 5 995, – pr. person

The cold bites you in the cheeks. The snow makes a loud noise as you walk along on the snowshoes. Constellation after constellation appears above you, and the silence sounds deafening. Once there, the fire is lit, and the smoke spreads out and settles over the magical landscape. The guide pores the coffee and offers something good to bite into, and the excitement increases as the time for the northern lights crackle across the sky comes closer. On this trip you will see the clear winter light, sledding and enjoy many of the local dishes Helgeland has to offer – even inside a cave!

How about a long weekend in wintery Mo I Rana?

Experience up close the fantastic flavors that Helgeland offers and end it all with having products from Helgeland inside Grønligrotta, Northern Europe’s only illuminated marble cave!

Long, bright summer nights, crackling northern lights in cold, starry nights, the proximity to the nature and mountains and sea; We believe that all of this helps to create the diversity of flavors Helgeland has to offer.

Helgeland has many local food producers and we who live here feel lucky, we live in the middle of the plate. Everything from birds to game from forests and mountains to the freshest seafood from the sea. This weekend you are welcome to join in on different taste experiences. This package is packed with the taste of Helgeland!

Here you live by yourself, in the middle of the winter country, with snow-capped peaks and powder snow just waiting for you to make your mark. The building called “Ståltun” has all the facilities you need, and everything is in place to make your stay as relaxed as possible.

Friday: arrival in Mo I Rana. We take you to Sport1 for possible rental or supplementation of equipment. We go on to Røssvoll for provisions at the convenience store Joker, then transport to Ståltun, where you will stay and have your meals. In the evening, Northern Lights safari.

Saturday: Trip to Grønligrotta. Taste products from Rana and Helgeland. Storytelling. From Grønligrotta down to the main road on snowracers. Back to Ståltun. Possibly provisions.

Sunday: Departure. City walk with a visit to the Moment / Science Center.

Included: Accommodation, transport to and from, Helgelandstapas, visit to Grønligrotta, use of snowracers, helmet and goggles, city walk. Provision during the stay, tickets to the Museum / Science Center.