3 day survival trip

3 day survival trip in nature around Mo I Rana. Including transport, guide, emergency supplies, sleeping bag, use of equipment. From 11 995, – pr. person.

Darkness descends and I am alone in the woods. I have lost the map and the compass, and the path I followed has ended in nothing. I’m hungry too because the food I had with me has long since been eaten up. It looks like I must spend the night here in the woods, and maybe find where I’m going tomorrow. Had I thought about it, I would not have turned off the path I followed….

Do you recognize yourself? Do you feel the panic spreading just by coming to an unknown part of the forest?

We can teach you simple tricks to survive in nature. We take you on a 3-day trip where you will learn to harvest from nature, prepare your own food and set up a safe and easy camp.

We meet you at the hotel, and there you are given a map and compass, possibly keys to bike locks, sleeping bags, etc. From there we take you out into nature where you spend the nights in a hammock, learn to fish, harvest and prepare your own food. We teach you the basic use of maps and compasses, but also navigation without help.

All you need to bring are clothes and personal hygiene items. You can borrow the rest from us. The only thing is the sleeping bag: it’s included in the price, and you’ll own it afterwards.

Upon arrival at the meeting place, the use of a map and compass is reviewed, and one of the participants is given the responsibility of leading the group to the campsite.

Upon arrival at the campsite, tasks are handed out to be solved to find the 4-digit code for the lock to get up the case with equipment, as well as to find this. In the case are fishing rods for everyone, dry kindling, ax, knife, waterproof box with matches, spare provisions.

The participants receive information about the choice of camp site, campfire, toilet, etc. and will then make a simple shelter, as well as training in lighting a campfire. We will go through a variety of fishing methods and equipment. Try to get fish. If not, we have emergency supplies.

On day 2 the goal will be to gather what is needed to embark on a longer trip. Trip up to either Flatisvatnet, or Stormdalselva to fish and take pictures. More elements of survival, eatable plants and more.

Day 3 last day. Pack camp and get to the meeting place. Transport / travel down to the center where they check in at a hotel until the next day. In the evening dinner at the restaurant. Hotels must be booked by the tour operator or the individual guest. Price: 11 995, – pr. person. To those who are to be driven to the meeting point, they are distributed / shown space in vehicles. The group is given a meeting time and place.