Sami culture and the Northern Lights

Trip where you get to experience the Sami culture, and maybe see the northern lights. 5 hour tour. Included are Sami stories, Sami traditional food, yoik, learning to use rune booms, transport. From NOK 1 895, – pr. person.

The snow creaks loudly as you move towards the opening. The cold bites you a little in the cheeks. Constellation after constellation appears above you, and the silence sounds deafening. The smoke seeps out through the top of the lavvo. From inside, the rune boom and the Sami’s traditional song – the joik – can be heard. The aroma of traditional food seeps out and mixes with the smoke from the campfire. The Sami guide welcomes you in, “buorre boahtem”, and asks you to take a seat by the fire. The “noaid”, the Sami shaman, strikes the rune drum with a characteristic T-shaped hammer made of reindeer horns, and a “pointer” shaped like a ring, a triangle or a frog lies on the skin and eventually attaches itself to one of the symbols.

Experience up close the Sami culture and food. Eventually, you will be served both traditional Sami food and traditional stories about the Sami culture.

In the Sami tradition, the starry sky is a cosmic hunting scene. In the Polar Night and with a life in close contact with nature, the Sami have gained a conscious relationship with the starry sky. The Sami have lived off reindeer and hunting, and the Sami constellations reflect this. We find reindeer, hunters, and hunting gear among the stars in the sky. The actual hunting scene begins early in the evening where the hunters appear on the sky one by one. Fávdna stands ready with the bow Fávdnadávgi and aims at Sarvvis, while the other hunters, skiers and his wife try to help so that Fávdna comes in shooting range. Fávdna has stretched the bow but does not dare to shoot for between him and Sarvvis stands Boahji, the nail in the sky. If it is hit, the sky will fall and all life on earth will cease. During a night of intense hunting, they must realize that Sarvvis is difficult to take. One by one the hunters must surrender, Gállá first and the system is Fávdna. This is how Sarvvis continues its grazing into tomorrow. In the Polar Night, the Sami have used the knowledge of the stars’ systematic movement in the sky both as a clock and a compass.

On this trip you will see the clear winter light and taste traditional Sami food.

How about a long weekend in wintery Mo I Rana?

Guests are picked up at the hotel and driven to Hemnesberget. There, Rivojen Frank, who is Lule Sámi, awaits and gives guests a great experience of Sámi food and culture. Afterwards, everyone is transported back to the hotel. Transport to Hemnes and back, Sami food and culture (not drinks), either northern lights hunting outside, or northern lights show inside lavvo.