Nice B&B in Sørfjorden in Rødøy municipally. The building was renovated in 2016, and is presented as quite modern. We have 8 rooms with 2 to 5 beds each.

We are situated only 50 metres from the shore, and we have indoor gym hall and outdoor footballfield that You can use at any time when staying with us.

Here You can enjoy the silence, join us for a short fishingtrip or a tour to the top of the mountain “Kvalhodet” where You can gaze out over the many islands and mountains in the area.

We can also offer many other activities, and please contact us if You have any requests.

How to get here:

From Mo I Rana, drive Road no. 12 until You meet Coastal Highway 17. Turn right, and drive to Kilboghamn, take the ferry to Sørfjorden.

Tel. +47 478 78 605   Email: