Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoes are frames with braids that you clamp on the feet to prevent immersion in loose and deep snow.

The snowshoes have been used for thousands of years in Asia, North America and Europe, and they were a very useful tool for hunters and trappers during winter time.

We at ExploRana love all outdoor activities, also snowshoe-hikes. We would just love to take you out and let you experience this easy way to hike through the loose and deep snow!

There are many places here in Mo I Rana suitable for this activity, so join us on either a day-hike or a night-hike under the starry sky! Maybe, just maybe we will see a troll?

We make sure to have enough snowshoes to go around, and if you don’t have warm clothes, let us know and we sure will help you with that too.

We will also have something warm to drink, and maybe we will make a bonfire.