Rabot cabin – Norway’s roughest tourist cabin

Guided 5 hour trip to Rabothytta. Including guide and lunch. From NOK 875, – pr. person.

The road up from Korgen, turns through large agricultural valleys and past several houses on the way up. At the top of Leirskardalen, asphalt slides over into gravel and we find parking at Leirbotnet. The trip continues slowly uphill before a final ascent carries us forward over a lunar landscape. After a five kilometer walk from the parking lot, we see the plateau where Rabothytta stands steady and forms an adventurous sight with the fog thickly hanging over it. The building slides into the landscape with its diagonal shapes and earth tones.

Majestically, it lies there waiting for you as you approach 1,200 meters above sea level. Rabothytta is located at the end of Okstindbreen, and the blue ice forms a fantastic contrast to the color of the cabin. … And the view; it simply takes your breath away!

The sun is shining, and it is mild when we arrive at the car park on the hillside above Leirbotnet. That it blows a little does not matter, so we set off up the T-marked path towards Mørkbekktjønna. It is almost practically a migration in the mountains today, and we greet several hikers on the way up. When we get to the top, it’s finally time to take a closer look at the beautiful cabin. It is owned by Hemnes tourist association, and especially leader and passionate Svein Arne Brygfjeld, who has been in the forefront of the construction of this magnificent copy of a tourist cabin – the one located highest in northern Norway! Inside the cabin it is warm, while the wind is heard on the outside. There are binoculars mounted on a stand. The binoculars in front of the large windows must of course be tested.

Join us on a trip and see Norway’s roughest tourist cabin!

NOTE! When you go so high up, you should bring warm and windproof clothing. We also recommend that you bring mittens / gloves and a hat, even on a fine weather day. On your feet you have good mountain shoes. In addition, we think that maps and compasses, possibly GPS, are mandatory.

Our guide takes you to experience Rabothytta, which is named after the French mountaineer and Norwegian friend Charles Rabot.

Rabothytta is in Hemnes municipality in Nordland and the combination of nature and architecture makes the cabin a goal. At the same time, it is also part of the trail network between three other cabins in the area, Gressvasshytta, Kjennsvasshytta and Gråfjellhytta. Rabothytta was completed in mid-August 2014 and Hemnes Turistforening can now offer a comprehensive trail and cabin offer to mountain-going people who want trips to Okstindan. The cottage can accommodate 30 overnight guests.