City walk

The last execution in 1674, the construction of the church financed by the Sami, the first school in Nordland, AS Norsk Jernverk, restructuring and success stories. All this you will hear about on our city walk. On the edge of the Arctic Circle, near Svartisen, is the second largest city in Nordland, called Mo i Rana. Headquartered in Rana Municipality with a total of 18,900 inhabitants. Big enough for us who live here, because we have what we need to thrive and have a good life.

Guided city walk in Mo I Rana. 1 hour story about life at 66 degrees north. From NOK 195, – pr. person.

Photo: Øyvind Bratt


Guided tour to Svartisen

Svartisen is simply one of the things one MUST see in this life. The glacier arm that lies down the mountainside is full of cracks, and the blue color stands in strong contrast to the white snow that lies on top. Imagine that Svartiskongen spent his entire adult life in the summers up here. And the expeditions. Really fantastic that a little bit of Norway is so world famous!

5 hour guided tour to Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen. Including boat ticket, guide and lunch. From NOK 1 250, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge

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Guided hike to Bertelberget

We park at the power plant at Anleggshammeren and go up the road to where we take off towards Bertelberget. The road is quite flat, and the path further goes up and down a bit, but no worse than it is easy to follow. It is a very good path to begin with, but you must always turn right when the path splits, even if it looks steepest, otherwise you risk ending up in the wrong place. A small cairn is located on a peak, just as it tells us that we are on the right path. The trip is in relatively easy terrain, and we will use approx. 4 hours in total. Up by the old mine, we grab a bite to eat, before returning.

Hear the story and see the place the blacksmith Bertel Olsen found and extracted silvery lead shine already at the end of the 17th century. 2 1/2 hour guided hike and storytelling. Start at 15:30. From 795, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Guided hike to the Marble Castle

We park at the old farm Fisktjønna. Here you see traces of those who broke up the country and built a life. On the trip through the nature reserve, it becomes more and more clear what the ground consists of. Limestone is a large part of the rock here, and when we arrive at the Marble Castle, a castle built by nature even through millennia, you see the result of loose rock masses such as lime having been washed into the river for thousands of years.

Guided 4 hour hike to Marble Castle. Including guide. From NOK 595, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Guided hike to Tjuvtrappa

The forest is there, green and fragrant. As you walk up the heavy slopes, you suck in all the impressions; the bird life, the small rivers that plunge down the slopes, people who enjoy hiking. All good sounds that get stuck in the soul and give wonderful memories. On the way up you walk past beautiful streams, Varmosletta is there with benches and stage, and maybe you feel extra to drink water from the spring midway up the hill. Thieves’ stairs. The place got its name because a woman stole a cow at Loftfjellgården and pulled it up the mountainside called Tjuvtrappa, and further down towards Selfors.

Guided hike to the “roof” of Mo I Rana. 3 1/2 hour tour, including guide and refreshments. Start at 10:00. From NOK 550, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Guided hike to historic Dalselv

Winter has not yet let go of the roof properly. It is the middle of May 1940, and the snow is still in the mountains. The telephone still holds the grip on Dalselv, only the upper inches of the earth thaw as the sun sets. Little by little, the summer is getting closer.

Guided 2 1/2 hour hike with storytelling. Including guide. From NOK 395, – pr. person.

Photo: Unknown


Guided hike to Appelsinhaugen

Finnsetveien. When you start the trip in Fageråsen, you soon feel the atmosphere in the forest, where you move up the old hiking trail, first used by the Sami, then by everyone who should go from Umskaret to Mo or vice versa. The road is not too steep and there are several places you can stop and take pictures beyond the city. Well up you come to Appelsinhaugen. A beautiful and very popular family trip or for those who want an easy and accessible trip up from Mo in Rana center.

2 1/2 hour guided hike to Rana’s most used hiking destination. Including guide and refreshments. Start at 14:00. From NOK 495, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Rabot cabin – Experience Norway’s most awesome tourist cabin

The road up from Korgen, turns through large agricultural valleys and past several houses on the way up. At the top of Leirskardalen, asphalt slides over into gravel and we find parking at Leirbotnet. The trip continues slowly uphill before a final ascent carries us forward over a lunar landscape. After a five kilometer walk from the parking lot, we see the plateau where Rabothytta stands steady and forms an adventurous sight with the fog thickly hanging over it.

Guided 5 hour hike to Rabothytta. Including guide and lunch. Start at 11:00. From NOK 875, – pr. person.

Photo: Jan Inge Larsen


Kayaking on the lake Langvatnet

Summer has finally arrived here in the north and it is finally time to enjoy the fantastic nature up here. The feeling of freedom is completely magical, because here on Helgeland there is plenty of space, so no one needs to queue. The lake Langvatnet is shiny and quiet, and with Svartisen towering like a skullcap on top of the mountain, you are in a little paradise. The kayak is ready, and even though it is early in the morning, the sun is already high in the sky. The guide from Helgeland Kayak distribute equipment, both dry suit, life jacket and splash cover. Everything is ready for a fantastic day in the kayak.

Guided kayak tour of 5 hours, including loan of kayak, life jacket, dry suit, shoes and splash cover, as well as lunch and a guide. Start at 10:00 or 18:00. From 2 095, – pr. person.

Photo: Marit Løvhaug


Northern Lights safari

The cold bites in the cheeks. The snow makes a loud noise as the snowshoes are lowered into it. Constellation after constellation appears above you, and the silence sounds deafening. Once there, the fire is lit, and the smoke spreads out and settles over the magical landscape. The guide pulls up the coffee and something good to bite into, and the excitement increases as time approaches as the northern lights crackle across the sky. Listen to the stories the guide can tell, and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Guided tour to a fixed location to experience and take pictures of the northern lights. Included transport, guide, use of snowshoes, simple information on how to take pictures, coffee / tea. Start at 21:00. From NOK 995, – pr. person.

Photo: Simon Fossheim


Hiking on snowshoes in Mo I Rana

The sun is shining, but still it’s a little cold. But shit, you are well dressed and active, so the cold does not care. The group you walk with follows the guide in a walk, where the tracks of the snowshoes make the track in front of you a good path. The poles you hold help to keep the balance in the slightly deep snow, while you snail up the mountainside.

4 hour hike on snowshoes in nature around Mo I Rana. Including guide and use of equipment. From NOK 495, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Skiing and summit-trip Mo I Rana

The cold bites in the cheeks. The snow makes a loud noise as the skis move forward. In front of you, the mountain top you are about to “occupy”, shining white, just a simple strip that goes down from the top. Has anyone been here before me? are you thinking. Yes, that may be true. Top hikes are relatively popular in Rana, and most of the mountains that can be visited on skis have been visited by at least one local skier. But today it’s your turn.

Summit trip on randonneski. 5 hour guided tour on one of the peaks in Rana. Including equipment rental, guide and simple lunch. From NOK 1 795, – pr. person.

Photo: Jørgen Eivik Pedersen


Fishing with a guide in Mo I Rana.

The mosquito buzzes in the evening sun. You follow the guide to the fishing lake. The path winds through bushes and over heather, but it is easy to find. I think I had never found this water on my own. Still good someone could take me. After a short time, the fishing water appears. It is lying there, shiny and quiet. Suddenly, the water surface is broken by a fish that sticks its mouth out and swallows a nymph.

Fishing trip with guide in Rana. Including transport, guide, use of equipment and bait, fishing license and refreshments. From NOK 695, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Fishing for Salmon in Rana river.

You’re waiting. And waiting. Throws. And throws again. Then, suddenly, it bites, and the line begins to live its own, wild life. – It is now or never, you think. The expert advice to you is to take your time when you turn in. If you force the fish up too fast, it can release the bait and set down the river at turbo speed. Therefore, it is important to be patient but determined. When the fish is finally on land, you probably have maximum heart rate!

Salmon fishing in Mo I Rana! Daily price including fishing for salmon, guide, 1 meal served outdoors. From NOK 1 995, – pr. person.

Photo: Robert Borge


Carpenter Haakon Loe

Sawdust. Pine, spruce and oak. Chisel, hammer and planer. Varnish and paint, paint and tincture. As much as you may have never seen before, or maybe you have used a lot of it or seen it with grandpa.

Everything comes from a time when the craft was in the driver’s seat. The pictures of old buildings and people; everything testifies to a time that is so foreign to us today. Then manual work was a matter of course. How did he manage to elicit these shapes from a single wooden plank? Magi?

Come and experience the atmosphere of a bygone era! Our guides will tell you about his life, the tools and products he made, and show you the carpentry workshop. From 195, – pr. person

Photo: Robert Borge