Fishing for salmon in Drevja river

Salmon fishing in Drevja! Daily price including fishing for salmon, guide, 1 meal served in the open air. From NOK 2 495, – pr. person.

You’re waiting. And waiting. Throws. And throws again. Then, suddenly, it bites, and the line begins to live on its own. – It is now or never, you think. The expert advice to you is to take your time when you crank in. If you force the fish up too fast, it can come off the hook and set down the river at turbo speed. Therefore, it is important to be patient but determined. When the fish is finally on land, you probably have maximum heart rate!

Finally, it is there in the net, a great salmon of 12 kg +! The adrenaline rushes through your body and gives you an incredibly happy feeling of mastering. Whether it’s your first or salmon number 100, the feeling is the same when you finally succeed.

The landowner has been standing and following you, coming over to congratulate you and help you with measuring and weighing; maybe a picture or 2 for the bragging album? You get a long-awaited meal that the landowner / guide has prepared for you; you were so busy getting that salmon, so you forgot to eat!

Have you considered testing the world-famous Norwegian salmon fishery? Then you should take the chance this summer! Where the rivers are usually full of visiting fishermen, this year there is also plenty of free space. In many places you can buy packages that include fishing licenses, accommodation, food, and guide.

Norway is one of the world’s best countries to fish wild salmon in. Try your luck fishing in some of our legendary salmon rivers, which are as scenic as when wealthy English anglers discovered them in the 19th century. Or throw out the line in far more urban areas.

The salmon spends between one and three years in the sea before returning to the river in which it was born.

Norway has been a destination for the world’s salmon fishermen ever since English anglers began to make the pilgrimage here about 200 years ago.

We still have several of the world’s best and most legendary salmon rivers. The salmon is part of the Norwegian settlement pattern. After the ice age, people settled near good salmon rivers, and we find stories about salmon in both rock carvings and Norse and Sami mythology.

Salmon fishing in the lower part of the Drevja river. Here, flyfishing for salmon applies, and a locally known guide will help you find the best places and the best times of the day.

Whether you have a motorhome, caravan, tent or need accommodation, you are welcome here for an exciting day of salmon fishing. Outdoors, the guide prepares a simple meal for you, which you can enjoy near the fishing spot.