About us…

Already in 2014, the Helgeland coast was named “The world’s most beautiful coast”. Helgeland IS beautiful, ALL of Helgeland! Here are documented dwellings that are as much as 10,000 years old! The cultural monuments are queuing up and just waiting for you to discover them. As part of Helgeland, Mo I Rana is not behind any part of Helgeland. As the largest city on Helgeland and the third largest in northern Norway, we have both green industry and trade that goes “so it gwins”, as well as a nature that ranges from high mountains to deep fjords, and only a few miles. The proximity to nature is fantastic, and with a rich cultural life, Mo I Rana is a “must” to experience.

Our history

Robert Borge established ExploRana AS in 2019. He originally comes from Sandsvær in Kongsberg municipality, but on a clear autumn day over 20 years ago, he and a friend were hunting grouse up here. The count on the hunt was very good – in every way. He stayed on, and after 20 years he is married, has 4 children and is still hunting … for birds!

After several years in tourism, and especially during his time with the destination company Helgeland Reiseliv, he saw that Rana had problems “keeping” the tourists longer than one night. Mo i Rana was a transit town to and from Lofoten. He wanted to do something about this! His mission was to show Helgeland as the gem of Nordland that he is so proud and fond of. It was time to make Mo i Rana, and Helgeland, known as an exciting tourist destination, summer and winter, with memorable experiences for groups and individual guests . It was the start of the guide service company ExploRana.

We are also interested in a good collaboration with other tourism companies on Helgeland. Some of those we collaborate with are Aernie Opplevelser, Rivojen Adventure, Svartisbåten, Jørgen Eivik Pedersen, Roy Brubakk and Sport1. Together with these, we can tailor your experience to better create the most unforgettable memories. Feel free to join us at Nordlys Gourmet evening, Sami culture and the Northern Lights or Ski and summit-trip on Snøfjellet. In any case, you can send us an email post@explorana.no and we will help you further.

The passion for storytelling is something we value highly in ExploRana. By sharing stories from past times when we take you to unknown places and hidden gems, we want to maintain the dissemination of knowledge “around the fire”.

Another thing that is important to us is the respect for the Sami people, their traditions and their connection to Rana. Therefore, we work closely with the Sami community to pass on the Sami culture and their traditions through different experiences.

Why should I bring a guide on a trip?

I can do it alone, you might think. Of course you can go on a trip on your own. But in company with our guides, you will have a unique experience, security, and it is social. We take you to the finest places, the unknown places – the places that may not be mentioned in the guidebook, on the map or on Google.

Our strength is our local knowledge, belonging, joy of nature and cultural and historical interest. We always have some good stories lurking, whether it is about the place we are at or about the people who have been here before us.

Feel free to call us pearl divers, because that’s who we are! We dive into the history and retell it to you, so that you get memorable experiences. We take you to the gems in our area!

Let us be Your guide to adventure!

Our vision:

ExploRana AS will be the largest and best experience company on Helgeland. We want the most specialists associated with the company, know the most about the destination of the tours and the people where we guide.

We want to have the most guides, the most destinations and be the most used experience company.