Ski and summit-trip in Mo I Rana

Summit trip on randonneski. 5 hour guided tour on one of the peaks in Rana. Including equipment rental, guide and simple lunch. From NOK 1 795, – pr. person.

The cold bites in the cheeks. The snow makes a loud noise as the skis move forward. In front of you, the mountain top you are about to “conquer”, shining white, just a simple strip that goes down from the top. Has anyone been here before me? you are thinking. Yes, that may be true. Top tours on Randonne are relatively popular in Rana, and most of the mountains that can be visited on skis have been visited by at least one local skier. But today it’s your turn.

The sun is already bathing the mountain top in gold, as you pick up the equipment you have rented at the local sports shop. It was simply too much luggage to carry if you were to bring your own equipment. The guide is involved and gives advice together with the seller in the store.

The excitement rises as you approach the mountain you are about to visit today. Am I warm enough? Am I good enough? These are questions that arise as you put on the equipment at the foot of the mountain. But the guide has assured you that you have warm enough clothes, and that he will not make the trail in the most challenging places. He has promised to adapt the degree of difficulty according to experience. The trip up is quite smooth, it is a bit heavy in some places, but the route is impeccable. Well up, the guide serves some coffee and something good to eat from the bag. The silence is almost deafening, and even though you are close to the top, you have found a place in the sun sheltered from the wind.

The descent is the most exciting. The skis bite well in the powder snow when you turn down the mountainside. You keep good speed, but the guide is in front and always has good control of where you drive and where you are, so it all runs risk-free. What a wonderful feeling! You almost feel like you’re flying down the mountainside, and it’s all over too soon! Would love to experience it again! Well, join us next time and we’ll fix that!

Join us on top of the “roof” of Mo I Rana!

We pick you up at the hotel, find skis and equipment that suits you at one of Norway’s leading suppliers of sporting goods, drive you to your destination.

The guide selects mountains based on wind direction, to make it most comfortable for you.

Our guide is incredibly focused on safety and has very good experience with summit hikes of this kind.

The trip is estimated to take approx. 5 hours and is suitable for both beginners and advanced. After the tour, we will pick you up and bring you back to the hotel.