Guided hike to Svartisen

5 hour guided tour to Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen. Including boat ticket, guide and lunch. From NOK 1 250, – pr. person.

Svartisen is simply one of the things one MUST see in this life. The glacier arm that lies down the mountainside is full of cracks, and the blue color stands in strong contrast to the white snow that lies on top. Imagine that Svartiskongen spent his entire adult life in the summers up here. And the expeditions. Really fantastic that a little bit of Norway is so world famous!

Early in the morning you drive from the city and up Røvassdalen. Today you intend to see the glacier arm of Svartisen which is in Rana municipality, Austerdalsisen. Well up, you will meet the guide outside Svartiskiosken. He hands out lunch and drinks and tells how the day will go. Afterwards, you go down to the boat, which is waiting to take you across Svartisvatnet, so you can start the adventure.

Visit Norway’s second largest glacier, and hear the story of the glacier, its surroundings and the people associated with it. Svartisen is Norway’s second largest glacier and extends over 370 square kilometers. In the 1770s, Svartisen was a continuous glacier, but today it is divided into eastern and western glacier. It is in the municipalities of Rana, Meløy and Rødøy. Svartisen is Europe’s lowest lying glacier, and one of the glacier arms, Engenbreen, is 20-30 MOH. This makes it attractive to tourists.

We offer guided tours to Austerdalsisen, which can be reached by driving into Røvassdalen to Svartisvatnet, where you are transported by boat over to the quay on the other side. From there we walk 3 km to reach the foot of the glacier.

Austerdalsisen is a beautiful, fragile and raw landscape that is worth visiting. We meet at Svartiskiosken by Svartisvatnet. We check everything before we take the boat across the water.

Then we go approx. 3 km to reach Austerdalsisen. This guided tour will take approx. 5 hours and includes the boat trip across Svartisvatnet. At the shelter near the glacier, we can enjoy a simple lunch. The guide will tell you all about the glacier, the area and the people associated with the glacier.

If you need transport from the hotel and back, we are able to be of assistance. This is NOT included in the price.