Fishing with a guide in Mo I Rana

Fishing trip with guide in Rana. Including transport, guide, use of equipment and bait, fishing license, simple catering. From NOK 695, – pr. person.

The mosquito buzzes in the evening sun. You follow the guide to the fishing lake. The path winds through bushes and over heather, but it’s a nice walk. I think I had never found this small lake on my own, you are thinking. Still good someone could take me. After a short time, the fishing lake appears. It is lying there, shiny, quiet. Suddenly, the surface is broken by a fish that sticks its mouth out and swallows a nymph. Slowly you move to the water’s edge, quiet, curled up so as not to scare the fish. The hook is baited, and quietly you throw the line with the hook and bait into the water and wait…

The wait is rewarded with a short jerk in the line! A fish has just swallowed the bait and is sitting on the hook. The excitement is palpable. How big is it? You crank in and get paid for the effort, a great trout bouncing at the end of the line. Lovely! Well Done! The fire that is lit a little beyond is ready to cook the fish that you have just pulled up. Freshly roasted trout, evening sun over calm water. Can it get better?

Join us on a fishing trip in our secret fishing lake!

This water is in the mountains, and we have good experience with fishing in this lake. We know when it bites, and we know what you can get. The trip up takes approx. half an hour and we will pick you up at the hotel and leave. We hope you might catch a trout or two. You will be served local goodies, as well as coffee and alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages by the fire.

If you have, you can bring your own fishing equipment, or you can of course borrow from us. Of course, we have bait.

We will pick you up approx. 20:30 and expects to be back approx. 23:30. We check the weather in advance, and if the weather is good, we go.