Guided tour to Tjuvtrappa

Guided tour to the “roof” of Mo I Rana. 3 1/2 hour tour, including guide and refreshments. From NOK 595, – pr. person.

The forest is there, green and fragrant. As you walk up the steep path, you suck in all the impressions; the bird life, the small rivers that plunge down the mountainside, people who enjoy hiking. All good sounds that fasten in the soul and give wonderful memories. On the way up you walk past beautiful streams, “Varmosletta” is there with benches and stage, and maybe you feel extra strengthened by drinking the water from the well midway up the hill.

“Tjuvtrappa” (the Thieves’ stairs). The place got its name because a woman stole a cow at Loftfjellgården and walked it up the mountainside to what is called Tjuvtrappa, and further down towards Selfors. The place has no stairs; there has never been one either, but perhaps it is called Tjuvtrappa because the terrain is in stairs, both up from Loftfjellgården and down towards Selfors and Ytteren.

This trip takes place in Selfors’ immediate area in Mo i Rana. The trip to Tjuvtrappa is a great trip with a great view at the destination. But note: it must be mentioned that it is steep at the destination for the trip, so children should be taken extra care of by the adults. The last part of the trail should not be deviated from due to steep cliffs nearby.

The route is suitable for everyone, but will probably be difficult for the very young, as there is some ascent almost all the way. The whole route goes on a nice forest road most of the way and then on a nice path and is easy to find. The trip is recommended in summer. This trip can also be cycled.

We take you on a guided tour to one of the highest points in Mo I Rana to have a view of the city and its surroundings. It is a hike that takes you up an old path, to the top known as “Tjuvtrappa”. When we go up to around 400 m.a. we will tell you the story of this trail. When we reach the top of the “roof” of Mo I Rana, you will get a wonderful view of the city. The trip takes about 3 1/2 hours both ways, and we can either pick you up at your hotel, or we can meet at the starting point. Maps will be available for you at your hotel. We make coffee by the fire, and you can have lunch up there too. Do not forget the sunscreen, as the trip takes place at the brightest and warmest time of the year, and up here the sun takes a little better than further south.