Guided kayak tour on the lake Langvatnet

Guided paddle tour of 5 hours, including loan of kayak, life jacket, dry suit, shoes and splash cover, as well as lunch and a guide. From 2 095, – pr. person.

Summer has finally arrived here in the north and it is finally time to enjoy the fantastic nature up here. The feeling of freedom is completely magical, because here on Helgeland there is plenty of space, so no one needs to queue. Langvatnet is shiny and quiet, and with Svartisen towering like a skullcap on top of the mountain, you are in a little paradise. The kayak is ready, and even though it is early in the morning, the sun is already high in the sky. The guides from Helgeland Kayak hand out equipment, both dry suit, life jacket and splash cover. Everything is ready for a fantastic day in the kayak. Much of the kayaking is just in such moments, while you are on a trip across the water, you constantly see small natural miracles that must not be forgotten. One of the most exciting things about paddling is discovering and exploring unknown places and trying new paddling routes. The kayak glides silently through the water and the adrenaline pumps a bit where you fight against the small waves. We enjoy a simple lunch. A guide from ExploRana AS will tell you all about the King of the Glacier.

This is a guided tour suitable for families with children from 12 years, individuals and groups. Helgeland Kayak has a guide on the trip. There is no requirement for a wet card to participate in this trip, and guidance will be provided. We have several routes we can paddle, and we will tell you which one we take when we meet you at Skeidar on Ytteren. Bring to the trip: A set of wool underwear (top and stillongs), fleece or wool sweater and a pair of socks.