Hiking on snowshoes in Mo I Rana

4 hour trip on snowshoes in nature around Mo I Rana. Including guide and use of equipment. From NOK 495, – pr. person.

The sun is shining, but still it’s a little cold. But you are well dressed and active, so the cold does not matter. The group you walk with follows the guide in a line, where the snowshoes make the track in front of you into a good path. The poles you hold help to keep the balance in the slightly deep snow, while you snail up the mountainside. The cold bites a little in the cheeks, but the thought of the fire and the taste of good coffee afterwards keeps the cold out. So great that it was possible to join in on this trip!

Snowshoeing is a great winter activity that provides a unique opportunity to experience nature up close. With light and modern snowshoes, you can get anywhere, almost regardless of snow conditions. Walking with snowshoes is easy to learn and provides varied training for the whole body.

Take your time on the trip and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Show consideration so that you disturb birds and animals as little as possible. Feel free to take the children on a snowshoe trip, this is an exciting way to experience nature.

Can you walk, you can walk on snowshoes! All you need to keep in mind is to put in a slightly higher knee lift than usual. The snowshoes also give you a good grip on ice. Try it for yourself – join an experienced guide, who will teach you the technique and take you to places that take your breath away. Or just enjoy the unique silence of a winter forest full of sparkling snow crystals. Our guides are experienced, and places where you can trigger landslides, we stay far away from.