Guided tour to the Marble Castle

Guided 4 hour trip to Marble Castle. Including guide. From NOK 595, – pr. person.

We park at the old farm Fisktjønna. Here you see traces of those who broke new land and built a life. On the trip through the nature reserve, it becomes more and more clear what the ground consists of. Limestone is a large part of the rock here, and when we arrive at the “Marmorslottet” (The Marble Castle), a castle built by nature even through millennia, you see the result of loose rock masses such as lime having been washed into the river for thousands of years. Over the years, the water has formed several caves, potholes and formations in the rock – and made the area a fairytale landscape. The marble castle is made of the river Glomåga. For many years, Glomåga has excavated potholes and other formations with many different shapes. If you are bold enough, you can sit on a “stone horse”, a protrusion that goes out over the river, and have the river right below you.

The best time to visit Marble Castle is in the autumn when the water level is not so high. At this season you can take the time to go down into the giant cauldrons, go through a cauldron and across the river. You will also eventually come to a cave and will see incredibly nice rock formations. Here you walk between the stones on flat marble / stone surfaces which the river has dug out.

We will pick you up at the hotel, and we will either drive you or follow you in your own car.

We calculate approx. 4 hours on this trip, from the time we start at the hotel until we return.

Remember good shoes and camera. Be careful, there is a lot of current in the river. NOTE: The Marble Castle is a beautiful place, and a fantastic nature experience. Help keep it that way. Do not leave things and rubbish behind.