The Arctic Circle – History and experiences

Snowshoe trip inwards towards Stokkafjellet. Accommodation at Krokstrand inn and motel. From NOK 6,995 per person.

White, snow-capped peaks and mountains, silence and cold, large open plains where reindeer graze. Mountain peaks belonging to Svartisen protrude like white teeth far back on the horizon. Trails, ski tracks, railway and road meander over Saltfjellet and create patterns that meander across the plains. In winter, cold, snow and wind, where the opportunities to go where you want to ski are incredibly varied. In the summer you can follow either Nordlandsruta or Telegrafruta, but also go almost as far as you want.

The Arctic Circle is a term for the northern latitude circle around the North Pole, and it marks the boundary of the area that has Polar Nights and midnight sun.

In collaboration with SJ, we now offer that you can order a “Hop off – hop on” ticket, where you can get off at Bolna in the winter and the Arctic Circle in the summer. You order the tickets at SJ.

Beautifully located on Saltfjellet we find Bolna station. The station was opened on 10 November 1947 when the Nordlandsbanen was taken into use up to Lønsdal.

Cross the Arctic Circle, learn the stories from World War II or just enjoy nature on Saltfjellet!

The area around Krokstrand and Saltfjellet is packed with stories about the prisoner of war camps and the time before and after the world wars.

Saltfjellet Svartisen National Park is 2,102 square kilometers and is full of history and weather! Nordlandsruta and Telegrafruta are 2 of the routes that are possible to go in the summer, while in the winter you can move on skis and snowshoes almost anywhere! Combined with the hosts at Krokstrand Kafe og Overnatting, Saltfjellet will meet all the expectations you may have for both nature and experiences!

The area, or parts of the area, north of the Arctic Circle is referred to as the Arctic.

You arrive at Saltfjellet by train and get off at Bolna station. There we will pick you up and transport you to Krokstrand Kafe og Overnatting, where you will sleep for the next two nights. This will be the base, where you can move in almost any direction you want, either on skis, on your feet or by bike.

The Arctic Circle Center. Polar circle baptism, certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle. Use of snowshoes. Snowshoe trip inwards towards Stokkafjellet.

Afterwards transport to Krokstrand kro and motel for dining and accommodation. The next day, information about the prisoner of war camps and guiding. Dining at KKM. Return to Bolna station and continue either south or north.