Sea Eagle safari

Join us on a sea eagle safari! We leave Kilboghamn by boat every day all summer.

3 hour sea eagle safari starting at Kilboghamn and out into the archipelago. Including boat driver and life jacket. From NOK 850 per person.

When we arrive at the harbor in Kilboghamn approx. 30 min before departure, we are well received by the hosts. We are surrounded by excited guests from all parts of Norway and in all age groups. Guests are well taken care of and everyone gets the necessary clothing. We are checked that we all wear warm clothes and are given life jackets, gloves and goggles, in addition it is also possible to borrow wool socks and footwear. The guide states that several photo stops will be made on the trip and recommends everyone to bring photo equipment. We have with us a mobile phone with a good camera that we hope to be able to take the ultimate eagle picture with. The guide has informed us that we will most likely get close to the sea eagles. He has a bucket of herring lurking for him to throw out to the eagles. As we say calmly from the harbor, we feel the tension rise and hear that the atmosphere is at its best on board. Pictures are taken in all directions of idyllic small houses on the right side, Kilboghamn and the ferry either to Træna or Jektvik on the left side and Telnestinden and the Arctic Circle Monument straight ahead. It is an incredibly wonderful experience to sit in an open boat and feel the wind in your face when you are not freezing. There are some waves, but there are soft movements and you really feel that you are close to the elements of nature, almost as if you are flying directly above the sea surface. When we have come a good distance out on the fjord, the boat driver puts the boat in a good position so that we can take great pictures. Crystal clear green sea, chalk white beach, Nordlandshus, and red painted boathouse behind it all. It’s easy to dream away; imagine being able to live here, live the good life.

Do we get to experience the majestic sea eagle up close? After all the guests have been photographed, we calmly continue. The boatman raises his gaze, whistles a little and there, high up, we see our first sea eagle. The driver tells us to get the camera ready. We see more sea eagles coming and they circle closer and closer to the boat. We have a good feeling that we should get close contact. I fumble for my mobile and am a little unsure if I should go for a picture or a movie. I notice that our driver has prepared a herring that he holds up in the air while whistling. It is clear that the boat driver and the sea eagles know each other and that it is a unique interaction. I have chosen to put my iPhone on slow-motion and am ready to press record. I’m behind the driver holding the herring up. I have printed footage and focus on the herring and the sky. The white-tailed eagle approaches us and in a perfect coordination between guide and eagle, the herring is thrown 3-4 meters up just above our heads. The eagle puts out its claws and for a coordination on our largest bird of prey. It grabs the herring in the air just above our heads. It is absolutely incredible, we are all completely speechless. For a highlight of the trip, a world-class experience suitable for everyone.

After filling the camera with spectacular scenery and some fantastic moments with the sea eagle, we head back to Kilboghamn.